About Apple Seeds

Progress Not Perfection

We do things a little differently at Apple Seeds. We aren't  just looking at getting ready for kindergarten. We are getting ready for life.

We believe each child is an individual, and while there are milestones to reach,they are not the only thing that define the individual. We meet each child where they are at and encourage, prompt, learn, and play as we go and grow.

We believe that play and curiosity go hand in hand, so we ask questions. Questions that foster thinking. We help learn how to find the answers to questions, not just supply answers.

You won't see worksheets or coloring pages, but you will see a lot of hustle and bustle. You will see projects left over several days and expanded upon in various ways. You will see photos and documentation so we can revisit these concepts. 

You will see free art and barefoot children.

You will see rough housing and team work. 

You will see creativity and imaginations soar.

You will see tiny humans being the amazing creatures that they are.

We want to partner with families to raise up thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.

Apple Seeds is a non profit organization

Apple Seeds follows is regulated by the Department Of Health and Environments

Apple Seeds Accepts Childcare Subsidy Payments 

Apple Seeds Participates in the CACFP